Ashtanga Mysore

In the mysore class we teach you the poses of the ashtanga primary series one by one. In this class you can walk into the shala between 6 and 7.30, make sure you finish your practice at about 8

  • For? Early birds, people who want to start their (work)day energetically, anyone who’d like to practice yoga at home on their own
  • Intensity? Intense but adaptable to personal needs and complaints

Yin Yoga

A soft yoga style in which we stay in the poses for a few minutes. In this style the focus lies on a deep stretch of the connective tissue. Meditation and breathwork are the focal point. An amazingly deep but gentle class, sometimes in silence, sometimes with awesome music, sometimes with stories..

  • For? The ideal for of yoga for people with artritis, backpain, chronical pain or for those who are searching for a deep strecht or a more meditative style of yoga
  • Intensity? soft

Restorative yoga

A lot of props and a lot of blankets and a lot of support. We stay in the poses for up to 20min. Our goal is to make ourselves as comfortable as possible and completely melt into the pose. We tackle tension patterns in our body as well as in our mind.

  • For? People who are affected by stress and/or fatigue, anyone who likes blankets or deserves a nap
  • Intensity? Very soft but can be mentally challenging

Free flow

Movement in your own rhythm, learning to feel your body and its boundaries, testing out new types of movement. These classes can be a bit slower and juicer one week and more fast paced the other, now and then there is a specific theme we are working on.

  • For? Those of you who like to move and flow
  • Intensitiy? balanced, intense but in a gentle way