cyclical living for
modern women

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The online course for you?

You are searching for more. You want to make contact with your inner strenght, the power of rituals, the moon, selfcare and introspection.

This program is made for women who want to learn how to create from their core and want to get to know themselves better. You can follow this course at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.

Do you want to connect with yourself and your inuition? Do you want to learn how to work with rituals and the power of the moon? Do you have a big (or small) dream and do you want to focus on it in a mindful, inspiring way?

Welcome to this program ♡

next edition |
29th of March – 1st of June

For 5 weeks you get 3 mails per week. Every week you get a video with either a yogavideo or rituals (via mail or in the facebook groep), info and details about the various moonphases, journaling exercises, audio attachments with meditations and inspiration.

You can do everything at your own pace, there’s no rush, all the material will be yours forever so even if you can’t look at everything during our month together, you can always start again the next month, and the next month, and the next month..

The rhythm of the moon

What can you expect?

♡ Online Circle
We get together for an online circle twice, we meditate, connect with the energy of the moon and work with rituals and introspection. 

  • new moon meditation and opening circle : video comes online on Monday 6th of May
  • full moon meditation: video comes online on Monday 20th of May

This will be a pre-recorded video that you can do at your own pace, it will stay avaible for the whole duration of the course

♡ The Moon
Weekly mail and love notes per moon phase. At fixed times each week you get a mail with inspiration, info about the moon phases, inspiration and insights. (2 a 3x per week)

  • introspection: journaling, meditations and yoga videos
  • inspiration: articles, books, playlists
  • creation: dreams, wishes, creation

♡ Moon magic
Every moonphase we work with sacred planning and rituals to connect with the energy and magic of that phase

  • New moon | planting seeds
  • Waxing moon | create
  • Full moon | manifest
  • Waning moon | release

♡ Sisterhood and support

  • a closed facebook group for support and sharing
  • weekly Q&A
  • sisterhood

♡ Resources
Content you can work with on your own pace and you can use to dive even deeper into moonmagic after the program. All documents from the emails, ebook, videos stay online for you to browse through.

  • meditation and yogavideos
  • ebook “Moon Magic”
  • personal guidance via mail (2 a 3x per week)
  • rituals per moonphase
  • playlists

Cyclical living

What’s in it for you?

  • You get to learn about the power of the moon and live at her rhythm for a month
  • You connect to your intuition, get to search for deeper layers through journaling, meditation, yoga and rituals
  • You learns how to support your plans and dreams with a bit of magic
  • You discover how you can find power in softness and cyclical living and how this can support you to create your dreams, personal and business wise
  • You get to connect with a group of like minded people
  • At the end of the program you have a container filled to the brim with tools to take care of yourself, listen to your intuition and dream big

Practical info

  • The program starts on the 29th of April and ends on the 1st of June
  • Every week you get mails with resources, ideas and homework
  • The facebookgroup is a place to exchange ideas, experiences and questions. Any question can also be send to me by mail
  • For the new and full moon ritual there will be videos uploaded on the facebookgroup with a meditation and ritual for that moonphase
  • You get to do everything in your own pace!


Luna Online course €85

Your spot in the program is reserved after payment to BE81 7360 0950 2024. Let me know if you’d like an invoice or a paypal link to make this payment.