Feeling out of wack? Are there pĥysical or mental issues that always seem to creep up on you? Do you want to learn how you can take better care of yourself?

In these sessions we take the time to really focus on what you need, we apply various techniques from yoga and psychology to help you get an insight on your patterns and teach you how to deal with them in a soft but affective way.

Who will benefit from this?

These types of sessions are for everyone who feels like they could use a little push in their self care habits or for people who are already following a psychological or coaching traject  but feel like they also want to learn how to listen to their body and incorporate their body and its intuition in their healing

That being said, I do have groups that I specialize in, these are:

  • Burn-Out and stress
  • Chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue
  • Chronic pain
  • Trauma
  • HSP
  • Women with complaints with regard to menstruation and fertility (endometriosis, PCOS, PMS, menopausal complaints)

Yoga vs yoga therapy

All yoga can be therapeutic but not all yoga is yoga therapy. There is a lot of research going on about the effects of yoga on the physical and mental health. Yoga is good for you, it doesn’t just help you with your physical complaints but is also good to keep your mental health in top condition.

Yoga sessions at Luna focus on this healing effect. We combine techniques from the yoga tradition (asana, meditation, breathwork) with psychological insights and techniques.