intuitive creation for soulful entrepreneurs

Creatrix |intuitive entrepreur mentorship
》intuitive creation for soulful entrepreneurs

A mentorship of 3 months to dive into the magic of cyclical + intuitive enterpreneurship

this mentorship is for you if you want to:

  • learn how to lead a soulful + intuitive business
  • own a business that’s in line with who you are + what you need
  • be authentic in your offering + communication
  • learn how to deal with competition, stress, fear of failure, fear of not being enough
  • find a balance between work and selfcare
  • find a way of running a business that suits your needs better as an HSP, empath, introvert
  • start your own business but don’t know where + how to start
  • create your business idea but feel afraid to get started
  • grow into who you are + grow your business
  • break old blocks, subconscious patterns + fears and create from the heart
  • learn how to slow down + take breaks without feeling guilty
  • be supported by a mentor + cheerleader + inspirator who knows what you need and has been there herself
  • connect with a group of likeminded people to brainstorm + support each other

On the other hand, this mentorship is not for you if you are looking for someone who can help you make x amount in x time, or reach x amount of leads etc. In this mentorship we do go into the business side of things, like offerings, communication, social media, but instead of only focusing on the hard results we look at authenticity and inner work (the hard way not the fast way).

what can you expect?

intuïtief ondernemen

》 foundations

》 cyclical enterprenurship
because you need moments of creation + action and moments of introspection + recharging, we follow the rhythm of the moon and/or your cycle to help us find balance

》selfcare as the base of your business
because your business is a reflection of you + selfcare is not selfish, taking care of yourself is a must if you want to help others + create

》rituals + mindset work
because it starts in your mind, your business is a reflection of who you are, we use journaling + rituals to find out where your strenghts are and what you want to offer the world + how

In this mentorship we work together for 3 months, every month starts with an in depth mentorsession. Based on this session you receice a personal workbook + intensive guidance. Every trajectory is personal, not a one size fits all but created based on your needs.

》monthly focus session | by a cup of tea or online

the base of the mentorship | 90minutes of in depth mentoring

in the focus session we work intensively on what you need to grow your mindset + your business. We look at how we can make your business as authentic + personal as possible, which blocks + fears you run in to and how we can achieve your goals + dreams. Based on this session you receice a personal workbook to work with on your own pace.

You can also book a focus session outside of the mentorship.

》 monthly tune-in session | online

a session for taking stock + getting support | 15-30 minutes

in the tune-in session we take a break in the middle of the month to take stock + talk about the blocks you run into. This can be via zoom, phonecall, whatsapp or voice notes, whatever works for you

》personal workbook for the month

a tailormade workbook

in the workbook you’ll find

  • practical info + resources
  • introspection + journaling prompts
  • practical + creative guidance
  • meditations + selfcare rituals

》 supporting video + audio

meditations, embodiment practices, rituals, gentle reminder, affirmations | partly in the workbook, partly via mail when the need arises

》 new moon + full moon report + ritual

every new and full moon you get a mail with the energy report for the upcoming moon phase + rituals you can do to connect to that phase and that will help you use these phases in your business

》 intense personal mentorship via whatsapp or mail

the possiblity to ask your questions + ask for advice whenever you need it

what do you get out of the program?

》deep personal insights + growth
》more connection with your intuition + cyclical living
》tools to build up your business in a soulful + intuitive way
》 unconditional support + inspiration + a place to be yourself
》 a network of like minded entrepreneurs
》 you learn how to use rituals, selfcare + introspection to take better care of yourself and your business
》you learn how to work with the eb and flow of creation
》you learn how to create a business that suits you, from business plan, to offerings + social media

what is your investment?

creatrix mentorship3 monts€400 per month*
single focus session120 minutes€145

*payment plans are possible

your time investment?

》2u per month for focus + tune-in sessions
》20 min per day time to work on yourself

Interested? Still have questions? Make an appointment for a free intake session and we’ll go into what you need + what this mentorship can help you with!

about Maxime

your mentor + cheerleader + support + brainstormbuddy

Maxime has been self- employed for 6 years, she started as a yogateacher while she was still in college and growed enormously as a person + business owner since then. She worked as a freelancer in yogastudios for a few years and then started a big business and left it in the same year, because it didn’t work for her or resonate with her at all. Now she owns her own succesful, and inspiring, small business. Throughout the years she learned that the “traditional” way of running a business, with lots of networking and long hours, didn’t suit her. As a highly sensitive + empathic person she’s convinced that there’s another way to share her passions. She descovered an intuitive, cyclical way of running a business that suits her perfectly by trying out a lot of things and making a lot of mistakes + learning from them.

In this mentorship she teaches you the lessons she learned along the way, we work deeply on mindset, selfcare, authenticity, cyclical living, intuitive enterpreneurship and boundaries.