New Moon in Virgo | Sunday September 9th

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These moon medicines are meant to be read as an inspiration for the weeks ahead, they focus on gentle reminders and heart medicine and are not meant as to do lists or factual guides. Notice what resonates with you, how do these words make you feel?

Moon Medicine

XVIII the moon | Dive deep. Uncover. Connect

Make contact with your intuition and ask yourself – What is calling for me?
Make contact with your inner shadows. What is there to be learned, what is there for you to release, what is there for you to lean into. How can you show up for you, all of you, more fully.

This is a time for you to dive deep and uncover what there is to come to the surface. Where your hard work is taking you, which parts of you are allowed to shine more fully. Be gentle with yourself. This work is not at all linear, it can be scary, it can make you feel like you cannot possibly handle it. Trust that you are walking the right path, even if it feels like you are walking in a cloud of fog right now.

Connect to your dreams, your fears, your deepest desires. There is wisdom here, in the messy parts of you, in the parts that you are not quite ready to embrace yet. Listen to the wisdom that is here to be uncovered.

Gentle reminder

Your shadow is what makes you complete.

Tarot used for this reading: The Wild Unknown
If you want to learn more about the astrological implications of this new moon, I’d recommend you to visit Chani Nicolas’s site, she is a badass truthteller!

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