New Moon in Libra | Tuesday October 9th

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These moon medicines are meant to be read as an inspiration for the weeks ahead, they focus on gentle reminders and heart medicine and are not meant as to do lists or factual guides. Notice what resonates with you, how do these words make you feel?

Moon Medicine

XVI the tower |
Change is in the air

Change is the only constant in our life. Every hour, every minute, the world around us changes, we change. We are in a constant state of flow, waxing and waning like the moon. This is never more appartent then during Autumn, when change can be felt as an undercurrent in the air, when change can be seen with every falling leave.

Change is life.

Change can also be extremely uncomfortable, painful even. It can send your world crashing down around you. It can uproot you, leave you wondering who you are.

In this time of great changes, outward and inward, know this: the more you fight it, the more it is going to sting. Allow yourself to be carried by the current instead of getting dragged down by the waves. Trust that you are never given more than you can handle. Trust that what is leaving is meant to go to make space for something new and better and more you. Trust that you get what you need, even if you cannot see it yet yourself.

Most of all, trust that you are you, no matter what it is you do or wear, no matter what others say. You are in the process of becoming more yourself every single day, and sometimes that means letting go of things that do not serve you anymore.

Gentle reminder

Change is life.

Tarot used for this reading: The Wild Unknown
If you want to learn more about the astrological implications of this new moon, I’d recommend you to visit Chani Nicolas’s site, she is a badass truthteller!

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