New Moon in Scorpio | Wednesday November 7th

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These moon medicines are meant to be read as an inspiration for the weeks ahead, they focus on gentle reminders and heart medicine and are not meant as to do lists or factual guides. Notice what resonates with you, how do these words make you feel?

Moon Medicine

XIII Death |
Shifting. Shedding. Full circle.

It’s the end of an era, the end of a cycle. It’s the closing of a door. It’s knowing that you have to let go of that one thing without being quite sure what is going to come in its place. Death is dancing with your shadows, allowing things to be stripped away, the ultimate surrender.

Not doing, but being. Not accumulating, but letting go. Not celebrating but mourning.

The death card is often seen as a scary, dark card reflecting the way we look at decay, darkness and death in our modern society. The death card is the ultimate winter of retreat and bareness. The death card is also creating space for new life.

Read that again. There is no life without death, without life, without death. It is a cycle that needs to be experienced, felt, in full. There is no one without the other. Death is trusting that what is leaving is meant to go and new things will come along, maybe in unexpected ways or shapes.

Death is facing your fears of change, of growing old, of being out of controle, of death itself.

What is ready to die in your life?

Gentle reminder

Death is life.

Tarot used for this reading: The Wild Unknown
If you want to learn more about the astrological implications of this new moon, I’d recommend you to visit Chani Nicolas’s site, she is a badass truthteller!

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