New Moon in Aquarius | Monday Februari 4th

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These moon medicines are meant to be read as an inspiration for the weeks ahead, they focus on gentle reminders and heart medicine and are not meant as to do lists or factual guides. Notice what resonates with you, how do these words make you feel?

Moon Medicine

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Connect to what’s beneath the surface

There is more than meets the eye, this new moon is inviting you to look beneath the surface and make contact with the hidden parts of yourself. What emotions are there to uncover? What dreams are there to explore?

Often we focus solely on what we can see on the surface, we are busy living our lives, our thoughts get crowded by to do lists and errands and all the information we are consuming on a daily basis. The new moon calls you inward, she illuminates the parts of you that are connected to your inner voice, your inner magic.

We are more than what we do, than our bankaccount, our house, our spouses, our dreams, our clothes, our thoughts. There is a whole hidden realm of dreams and visions and soul, under all those layers, waiting for you to connect with it, to welcome it in.

If we slow down enough, we can start to hear the voice of our inner current. How can you connect to these unseen parts of yourself at this time?

How is this new moon calling you closer, calling you inward, calling you home?

Gentle reminder

You are so much more

Tarot used for this reading: Ophidia Rosa Tarot
If you want to learn more about the astrological implications of this new moon, I’d recommend you to visit Chani Nicolas’s site, she is a badass truthteller!

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