⍕ ritual for the new year

⍕ ritual for the new year

The new year, a time to reflect on everything the past year has brought us and the hopes and wishes we have for the year ahead. This ritual is a gentle way to give thanks to the previous year, release all the things that no longer serve you and create space for new dreams in the year ahead.

Things you need

  • paper and a pen
  • 3 candles (any colour is fine) and a lighter
  • optional: a little pot or cauldron*

Old and new ritual

Start by finding a comfortable place to sit, maybe make yourself a nice cup of tea, maybe use the playlist I’ve added to set the tone. Set aside half an hour of time for yourself to be present and reflect.

Set up the three candles in front of you, make sure you have your lighter, 3 pieces of paper and a pen ready.


Take a moment to look back at the previous year, maybe go find your journals or use the pictures on your phone and take some time wandering around in what the past year has brought you

Be grateful

Now write down all the things you are grateful for, small moments, lessons learned, proud moment, moments of joy… write them all down on a piece of paper.

When you feel like you’ve listed everything you wanted, hold the piece of paper in your hand, close your eyes and take a moment here to really think about (some of) the moments you wrote down, imagine how you felt in that exact moment, feel the gratitude spread through your whole body.

Place the paper underneath the first candle, light the candle and say “thank you”

Let go

Next, write down all the things you are ready to let go of. Again these could be small things, habits, situations or even people. Write until you feel like you’ve got it all down.

Light the second candle and then either rip the paper into tiny pieces and place them in front of the candle or light the paper with the candle (make sure you are in a room that is ventilated and you have a pot* nearby to let the paper burn up in).

Say ” I am ready to let go of this”, imagine all these things that are keeping you stuck, leaving you, creating space for new plans and dreams.


Finally, write down all your dreams and wishes for the year ahead.

When you are done, put the paper underneath the third candle, close your eyes and imagine how you”ll feel when these wishes and dreams come true.

Light the third candle and say “I am ready for this to grow”


You can spend some time now writing or meditating with the candles burning. The ritual is at an end when the candles burn out or when you blow them out.

You can keep the paper of the first and third candle in your journal or in an envelop if you want to ( it’s nice to look back on these later). You will want to dispose of the pieces or ashes of the second paper by either burying them some place or (less hight tec but still valid) flushing them through the toilet.

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